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Viking River Cruises

Viking operates more than 50 ships on the world’s most renowned rivers. The company's vessels combine hotel-like comforts with the relaxing atmosphere of a small ship. All rooms have river views, and many have full balconies. Amenities include a shaded sundeck, restaurant with panoramic vistas, bar and lounge, library and boutique.

For each itinerary, the ship’s professional chefs plan meals that reflect specialties from the surrounding region. American classics also have a permanent place on the menu for stateside passengers who may be missing a taste of home.

Accommodations, delectable cuisine, many beverages and shore excursions are covered in the upfront price. Also included is the company’s Culture Curriculum program that features presentations on history and customs from local experts. Music and dance performances and cooking demonstrations round out the list of enrichment activities.

Trip ratings on this site are based on the quality of accommodations, the number of included meals and activities and the level of service delivered. Viking's vacations are categorized as deluxe on the industry rating scale (budget, first class or deluxe).

In addition to river cruises, Viking also offers ocean cruises in many regions worldwide. To see itineraries and prices for Viking ocean cruises, click here.

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Ship Name Year Built Refurbished Passengers
Viking Longship Aegir 2012 -- 190
Viking Longship Alsvin 2014 -- 190
Viking Longship Atla 2013 -- 190
Viking Longship Baldur 2013 -- 190
Viking Longship Bragi 2013 -- 190
Viking Longship Egdir 2022 -- 190
Viking Longship Egil 2016 -- 190
Viking Longship Embla 2012 -- 190
Viking Longship Gefjon 2015 -- 190
Viking Longship Gullveig 2014 -- 190
Viking Longship Idi 2014 -- 190
Viking Longship Ingvi 2014 -- 190
Viking Longship Jarl 2013 -- 190
Viking Longship Kadlin 2016 -- 190
Viking Longship Lif 2014 -- 190
Viking Longship Lofn 2015 -- 190
Viking Longship Magni 2013 -- 190
Viking Longship Mimir 2015 -- 190
Viking Longship Modi 2015 -- 190
Viking Longship Rinda 2013 -- 190
Viking Longship Skadi 2013 -- 190
Viking Longship Skirnir 2015 -- 190
Viking Longship Tor 2013 -- 190
Viking Longship Ullur 2018 -- 190
Viking Longship Var 2013 -- 190
Viking Longship Ve 2015 -- 190
Viking Longship Vidar 2015 -- 190
Viking Longship Vilhjalm 2016 -- 190
Viking Longship Vili 2015 -- 190